“Gonna Be Happy”

Your dreams are dust, your hopes are dashed.  All is lost.   Miserable, despairing, you can see no hope, no sign that life can be any different.   The last thing you want to do is switch gears, shift focus, and concentrate instead on the glimmer of light in the distance.    The easier choice is to give up.  But that very moment is a call to action, a time to take a deep, deep breath and believe… in yourself, in the certainty that tomorrow will be a tiny bit better than today, in the glimmer of hope that one day you will find a way of out this darkness.  Oddly enough, even that become familiar, a cocoon of darkness, which is oddly comforting in a way.

This song by ‘Mo Horizons reminds me of that moment of affirmation, a glimmer of hope.   Listen and enjoy!


Categories: Change, Change Artists

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