The Dry Season

“Car in the Desert,” by Alex Moed

Today, my body feels like this car, broken, beaten down.  Laid low by an infection, I’m wishing that energy would surge back into my limbs and they would spring to life.  Instead, I must wait, stalled here on the couch, trying not to think about the pile of work I left on my desk and the commitments I had promised to keep.  I had ignored the warning signs–headache, sore throat, ear ache, and had charged ahead, pushing myself harder, until the inevitable break down.

Ancient wisdom tells us that there is regeneration even in a desert, in a wasteland.  In these unlikely  places new ideas, new insights take root, even though conventional wisdom says no new growth can possibly occur under these conditions.  But, we can thrive in this place if we accept several basic premises:  change may not be pretty and much of the work is solitary, far below the surface of a smile or our everyday lives.  It may also painful and uncomfortable and lonely.  It may also come at the worst possible time.  And we must accept, no matter how grudgingly,  that we need to be in this place for reasons we may not understand at first, but they will become clear over time, and maybe only in hindsight.

As I stretch out on the couch today, this is what I am reminding myself.  If you have other words of advice for me and others, please share!


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