How to Silence the Dictator: Part 2

Part 2 of the post “Taming Your Inner Dictator.”

In an earlier post we discussed the need to silence our inner dictators, the voices inside our heads which cast doubt on our abilities and fill us with fear.  We can call this tyrant our “little self”–to borrow a term from Dr. Jean Houston, a social scientist whose life work has been studying how people all over the world find and achieve their true purpose in life.  How do they do it?  She says the answer is simple.  They have activated their “Higher Self.” 

This “Higher Self” is the eternal, ego-less part of us that exists far beyond our daily demands and worries.  It is quiet, timeless, and tranquil.  As mentioned in part I of this post, some people find this place in acts of creation, others find it in meditation, prayer, and yoga.

Finding Your Higher Self

She goes on to say that most of us make the same mistake by letting our “smaller” selves dictate our lives.  This little “dictator” keeps us on an emotional roller coaster, dependent on that day’s triumphs and tragedies.  Were we late for work?  Did we have a fight with our partner?  Did we get that raise or promotion?

In contrast, the Higher Self exists beyond the present.  It is timeless.  It is connected to the divine, the cosmos, the universal.  In that higher mindset, we can find the truth of who we are, and “experience our unique purpose.”

She has shared a 5-minute meditation which will help you access your higher self.   I’ve provided the link below.  If you try it, let me know what you think.  I hope you find it as helpful as I did.

A 5-Minute Audio Practice to Access Your Higher Self


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  1. The little dictator.. I really like that. I think a lot of people live most of their lives with their little dictator in charge, not knowing that there’s another option.


    • Thanks so much for your comments! They are so true. I think that’s why some people drink, abuse drugs, and so on….just to silence the dictator without realizing there are other healthier ways to do that.


  2. As a leader in my community,leader for my cause,Founder of National Seizure Disorders Foundation, and seizure survivor I have faced and overcome many fears. Until reading your post I allowed the dictators to succeed in fueling “in the moment” fear. Now I am empowered to kick out the dictators and live to my fullest potential.
    Thank you for this post. It brought me Hope and taught me much

    Peace –
    Terrific Tonya Heathco, Founder&CEO
    National Seizure Disorders Foundation


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