Under Pressure?

Do you wish there was a worry cure?  Are you tired, like me, of senseless worrying?  When you are in the grip of worry, are your thoughts racing, out of control, interrupting your sleep?  Are your worries exhausting?  Do they settle into your back or head (or other parts of your body) and cause pain?

If you said “yes,” to some of these questions, you may be interested in the following article, written by Paul Ingraham, a Canadian massage therapist and science journalist.  His article describes what happens when we worry both from a physiological and psychological perspective.  His advice gave me an immediate “aha” flash of insight.  This is how he describes it:

In the anxiety state, our mind (thoughts) are not in sync with our bodies.  Our mind is racing out of control, and our bodies go along for the ride, settling into the familiar “flight or fight” pattern of hyper alertness and tension–clenched hands, tight jaw, and elevated heart rate, for example.  The “secret cure” is to reunite the mind and body with simple exercises which “ground” or “center” us.  They can be done anytime–at your desk, or by your bed in the middle of the night when you cannot sleep.  I’m happy to report that I tried some of them this week and they work!

Here’s the link to the article:   http://saveyourself.ca/articles/anxiety.php



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