Images from Art Prize 2012

Can you imagine this?  1,500 pieces of art on the street, in hotel lobbies, in restaurant parking lots, along the river?  That’s Art Prize, a unique art festival in Grand Rapids.  These pictures will give you a glimpse of the scope of the work–sculpture, performance art, 2-D, 3-D…The sculpture “Rush Docks” pictured here was created by Scott Bye from Buffalo, New York from hundreds of pallets, lots of patience and talent, and plenty of screws.  Other favorites include “Sojourn,” by Andrea Kowch, “Elephants,” by Adonna Khare, “City Band,” by Chris La Porte.  Enjoy!

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  1. How cool. When I lived in Colorado the local mall would hang artwork by little kids every spring. I loved seeing buddy artists and their vision of the world. We need more artists in this world.


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