Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

These alpine flowers are both vibrant and delicate.

These alpine flowers are both vibrant and delicate.

Amidst the harshness and ugliness of the world, I search for beauty.    It is often soft, fragile, and delicate.

Lupins are an early sign of summer in the mountainous regions of Europe and the United States.  Their beauty is transitory and delicate.  They burst into glorious flower for just a short while and then recede into the summer greenery.  They are pictured here in a field near the small resort town of Bethlehem, NH.

The next photo, taken also in Bethehem, is a statue of a girl reading a book in a field of daffodils.  Even though she is fashioned out of a hard metal substance, she still seems gentle to me, as she reads her book surrounded by flowers.  Do you agree?

The Daffodil Girl, taken in Bethlehem, NH.  Spring, 2009.

The Daffodil Girl, taken in Bethlehem, NH. Spring, 2009.

Here are some great interpretations of the word “delicate.”  Enjoy!

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