Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

The world is strewn with broken resolutions– as numerous as the confetti in the streets of Times Square on New Year‘s Eve!  Many of us set goals that are simply unrealistic and grandiose.  They are too difficult to follow, unless we restructure our lives to accommodate them.   For example, the other day, I was reading an excellent post by a fellow blogger– Dave at Shoot Tokyo.  He recommended shooting a photo every day.  At first I loved the idea, but here we are, barely a week into the new year, and I’ve already broken that resolution.  I’ve modified it–to take as many photographs as I can every week. That is definitely possible.

I was also interested in his tip about experimenting in low light conditions.  This has become my second resolution for 2013.  My third is to do more in black and white, like the shot I took at the McKim Building in the Boston Public Library.  And finally, my fourth photographic resolution is to re-visit Boston and the library, which is a photographers’ dream–with its grand staircase, murals, interior courtyard, galleries, gardens, and soaring Beaux Arts architecture.

One of the lions adorning the sweeping staircase at the Boston Public Library

One of the lions adorning the sweeping staircase at the Boston Public Library

Murals BPL

One of the murals in the Boston Public Library

Interior Courtyard

The interior courtyard and gardens at the Boston Public Library

What are your resolutions this year?  Do you believe in resolutions?

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  1. I take photos everyday. I usually have my camera with me at all times. I did a photo a day throughout 2012 and although it was fun, it did start to get difficult as I didn’t want to double up on the photos. With the followers I have picked up in the last eight months though, I can go back to the beginning and do some that I took in February and March only from a different angle,


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