Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Love was a complete surprise.   I thought I’d find it in church and in prayer, but I didn’t.

Grand Rapids Church at Sunset

Infinity of Jesus

I thought I’d find it at home with my family, but I didn’t.  Instead, I found it through the eye of a camera lens..

On the Run

And with a pen in hand.  But above all, I found it with the man whose love was unexpected and a delight even to this day, decades after that first little spark.  With him, I have grown as an artist and as a woman.

Couple at Ford Museum

Together, we had a son, who brings us so much joy.  For me, they are my definition of love.

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  1. “Weekly Photo Challenge: Love | Pilot Fish” seriously enables myself contemplate a little bit further.
    I really adored every particular part of this post. Thank you ,Brandy


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