Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Have you ever seen cyprus trees soaring above the desert?

Eucalyptus Trees in the Desert

Cyprus Trees in the Desert

And efficient multi-story cement buildings that use spectacular round windows to bring in light, and a system of shades and wind tunnels to cool and heat interior spaces?

Brass Bells in the Cafeteria Window

Brass Bells in the Cafeteria Window

Welcome to Arcosanti, the environment that Paolo Soleri and his architecture students built in the desert one hour north of Phoenix.  A student of Frank Lloyd Wright, Soleri went off to create his own vision of perfect space, harmonizing man-made structures with the desert environment to create a mini-city in the Arizona desert.  He and his students have build a communal theater, clay and brass studio, greenhouses, apartments, and kitchen.

Touring Arcosanti Communal Space

Touring Arcosanti Communal Space

Brass Bells

Brass Bells

The Outdoor Clay and Brass Studio

The Outdoor Clay and Brass Studio

Started in the 1970’s, the community is still expanding and welcomes volunteers to live and work on site.  My son recently stayed overnight in one of their 2-bedroom guest suites and said the views at sunrise were spectacular.  There’s no other place like it in the world, so for me, it is the perfect example of the word “unique.”

Do you agree?

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  1. Patti, I love viewing all your photography hints and other blog messages. This one arrived just in time–before our trip to Phoenix. I’m hoping that we can see it, too.


  2. Especially liked the man’s colorful shirt lines going horizontal with the vertical colorful lines.
    Excellent. I look forward to following your future posts. Best. Ruth in Pittsburgh


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