Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

Psyche and Cupid the moment before the kiss.

Psyche and Cupid the moment before the kiss.

Love is surprising and unexpected…even among the gods.

This photo was taken at the Driehaus Museum in Chicago, a grand example of a Gilded Age mansion.  Industrialist Samuel Mayo Nickerson built a palatial home a few blocks away from Michigan Avenue.  Over several decades it deteriorated, reaching its nadir as the offices of the American College of Surgeons.  Decades later, it was meticulously restored by Chicago philanthropist Richard H. Driehaus.  Imagine if you had this statue in your solarium and marble– not only on the floors, but on the walls of your home.  This is just a hint of the grandeur.

For more information on the Driehaus, click here: http://www.driehausmuseum.org/

For other fine interpretations of this week’s photo challenge, explore some of the links below:


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  1. followed you here through a pingback…despite the controversy, I love them for discovering new blogs! I like your entry for the Challenge. Many people chose Cupid and Psyche, in some form, but each interpretation is so unique. I appreciate that you included the story behind your photo.
    smooches from the Chesapeake!


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