Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

This week’s photo theme reminds me of the time we visited Chartres Cathedral outside Paris.

Chartres Cathedral, Belfry

Chartres Cathedral, Belfry

We had the good fortune to watch several pilgrims walking the labyrinth embedded in the stone floor of the church.  Their faces were suffused with joy as they traversed the path–not a straight line, but a series of four loops with twists and turns around a central point.  As they walked the path, they moved in an odd, halting dance–taking two steps forward and one step backwards.

Walking the labryinth is a metaphor for life, isn’t it?  We don’t progress in a linear fashion from Point A to Point B.

Walking the Capitoline Hill, Rome.

Walking the Capitoline Hill, Rome.

Instead we might take one step forward into the future and two steps backward into the past.  The unexpected twists and turns bring us times of joy, just as surely as sadness.  Because of this, “forward” is never a straight path.

Climbing Capri

Climbing up from the harbor, Capri

Formal gardens, Amsterdam

Formal gardens, Amsterdam

Great interpretations of the theme “forward:”

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  1. “forward is never a straight path”. Oh, how I resonate to the wisdom of those words. If only we could truly grasp this, we would stop being so hard on ourselves or becoming discouraged when the three steps we take are not all moving in what we thing of as that “forward” direction. Beautiful.


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