Weekly Photo (Phoneography) Challenge: Lunchtime

Here’s some food for thought:

Chili in Cincinnati

Chili in Cincinnati

What is it?  Great question.  My son thought he was buying “chili” in the Cincinnati airport, but when he opened up the dish, it was a confusing mix of spaghetti, corn, carrots, and ground meat in a bland tomato sauce.  It wasn’t Italian and it certainly wasn’t Mexican.  One taste and it went into the garbage.

Here’s where I get on my culinary soap box.  For me, this dish represented the worst of American ingenuity.  Our country is famous for innovation, for taking an idea, injecting a little creativity, and transforming it into something greater than the original.  Think of how American chefs have elevated the humble hamburger with apple smoked bacon and carmelized onions.  Think of what we’ve done to pizza by adding smoked mozzarella and pancetta.  But in our eagerness to embrace something new or different, we can also stumble.  Think of deep-fried oreos.  Think of pizza that comes pre-made in a box, frozen for weeks, microwaved, and then eaten.

Ready-made pizza in a box

Ready-made pizza in a box

Think of the disaster of the Cincinnati chili.   It’s a culinary crime to bastardize great food, suck the flavor out of it, and create a confusing mess with no taste, no flavor, and certainly no nutritional value.  This is not food.  It is merely fodder.

Some dishes are best in their original form.  Some cuisines should not be fused.  The beauty, simplicity, and taste of the original dish should not be tampered with.  And that’s the end of my culinary rant!   Comments?  Reaction?  Thanks for listening and stopping by.

(All photos taken with the iPhone 4.)


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  1. I enjoyed reading. I admit I have tried to make things for dinner and I tried getting creative if certain ingredients are not avaialble or by guessing (especailly living here in China it is hard to find all you need) and I have made the food faux pas many a times. I certainly wouldn’t sell it to the public! Food should be good… for you as well as taste!
    Thanks for the ping back and visit over at CTB 😀


  2. I found the food your son purchased at an airport very peculiar. I hope he did not pay much for it. We all know how marked up everything is inside any airport. Was it a joke maybe? I’m imagining the taste and flavor and I’m reminded of when I was a kid and we used to “play house.” We used to pretend cook with pretend food and create pretend dishes. This chili sounds like a pretend dish that became real.


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