One Minute and 12 Seconds of Local Fame–Oh My!

After the flood waters from the Grand River filled the basement of our high rise in Grand Rapids, and the heat and power went out, we were evacuated.  A local reporter climbed up the stairs to our apartment on the 27th floor and interviewed us as we packed some clothes and prepared to leave the building for a few weeks.   This includes our moment of thanks because in comparison to the tragedy this week in Boston, we are lucky.

Video Interview

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  1. Safe and sound. And dry too! I hope there was not a lot of damage. Great that you have such a sunny attitude towards all this. It’s no one’s fault so there’s no need to be cross with people, right?


  2. I’m only cross with the insurance company, which is now saying that our temporary housing isn’t covered! But there are others that have it much worse. At least our apartment is intact. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I appreciate it!


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