Phoneography Monday: Challenger’s Choice=Architecture

Pano of the Interior Courtyard, Boston Public Library

Pano of the Interior Courtyard, Boston Public Library

Vertigo, anyone?

Leaning out the 3rd floor window of the Boston Public Library, I shot this panorama with my iPhone 4 (with a wide angle lens) and stitched the images with the Photosynth app.  This gives you a small glimpse of this magnificent building,  modeled after the Cancelleria Palace in Rome.  Designed by the famous architects McKim, Mead, and White around the turn of the century, the structure features an interior courtyard flanked by a series of arches supported by Ionic columns.

In the center of the open space, there is a rectangle of grass and a fountain, where Baccante and her infant romp in the water.  The repetition of the columns and arches, the soft splash of the water, and the light playing off the stones are a visual delight and inspire those of us who read books and sip cups of coffee in the chairs on the shaded veranda.

If you look carefully at the roof line, you can glimpse the campanile of Old South Church in the distance–hinting at Boston’s rich history.  Can you see why this is one of my favorite spots in Boston?  If you’re in town and would like to take a tour of the building, just follow this link:



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