Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Most Americans, like most Japanese, view their dogs, cats, and other animal companions as family members, and rightly so.Ingrid Newkirk

The other evening we met this pet owner who is very accommodating of the needs of her portly English bulldog.  Understanding the challenges of short legs, she  has trained her dog to  jump on and off the skateboard as she takes her evening run.  The dog is happy to comply.

Walking and Skateboarding along the Grand River

Walking and Skateboarding along the Grand River

This symbiotic and mutually gratifying relationship between humans and their animals is for me the essence of companionship.  It sets our pets apart from other members of the animal world.

Skateboarding along the Grand River

Coming along for the ride

Here the owner of two dogs takes them out for a stroll in a …..well, stroller…of course.  The dogs seem to be happy with this arrangement–even the younger dog who could walk instead of ride.

2 Dogs Scenic

Two dogs out for a stroll in a baby carriage

Last, but certainly not least, is our dog Max, our wonderful companion, who died a few years ago but will live forever in our memories.  He knew our moods, quirks, habits, and weaknesses.  I still think of him every time I finish a jar of peanut butter.  I can see him–his beautiful head lowered over the jar, his long pink tongue struggling to reach every last creamy bit clinging to the container.  He was the definition of companionable–ready to tag along with us on the next adventure, swim, or simply curling up on the sofa.

Max and me

Max and me

Max playing catch in Lake Winnepesaukee.

Max playing catch in Lake Winnepesaukee.

What do you think?  Are pets the ultimate “companion” for you too?

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      • I don’t blame you …. to want to move – I wish I was home enough to have a little dog or a cat – just love the company, but so long as I travel as I do … it’s not fair.
        Thanks for following me *smile – my world is all over the place.


  1. Our pets Are part of the family. They are such wonderful companions. Our Beau is getting better, thank goodness. He’s back to wanting to be petted and cuddled again!


  2. Lovely pictures! For me, there is no better companion than a dog. Unconditional love and everlasting friendship. And so much fun togehter! To be happily greeted whenever you come home too. Your Max looks so adorable – a pity you cannot have a new friend.


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