Phoneography Challenge: Black and White

Bicyclist 2 UICA, Grand Rapids

Bicyclist 2 UICA, Grand Rapids

For this week’s challenge, I experimented with the angle of the shot. This sculpture of the bicyclist highlights the delicate balance and skill of the rider. The umbrella was a theatrical touch. Is one shot more visually interesting than another? Why? I’d love your feedback!

UICA, Grand Rapids

UICA, Grand Rapids

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  1. I must admit upfront that I am not a fan of using cellphones to take photographs. Call it a foible of mine. I am amazed at how many people use their phones as a camera and video recording device. A lot of crime and special events would have gone unrecorded if it were not for quick thinking users.

    That being said I was amazed to see a cellphone commercial for a Nokia that has a camera shooting 42MP photos. They certainly have come a long way.


  2. Thanks, Bob, for stopping by and commenting. It’s true the cellphones have come a long way in such a short time. I have 3 clip on lens you can attach to your iPhone. The quality is quite good!


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