Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

I was hoping to be carefree this week.  After all, this was our summer vacation, and we were traveling to Boston and Cape Cod.  We had planned a mix of time in the city and at the beach with friends and family. I imagined long walks through the North End, collecting images and impressions for my next novel.  I imagined morning strolls along the shoreline, a relaxing swim in the pool, and evenings exploring quaint New England seaside towns.

Walking along the beach at Dennis, MA, on Cape Cod

Walking along the beach at Dennis, MA, on Cape Cod

But two days before we were supposed to leave, my husband and I had a “texting” accident. That’s right. Texting. He was busy reading emails from work on his iPhone when he walked into me, I tripped, caught my foot in a piece of broken pavement and fell flat on the sidewalk, breaking my big toe.  Ridiculous, but true!  Needless to say, he felt terrible that I’ve been hobbling around with a taped toe and a big old velcro boot that extends nearly to my knee.  And I was angry that our vacation plans were ruined. I imagined being trapped in a hotel room in this miserable state, sprawled out on the bed, watching TV while laughter and sunshine spilled through my window. I’d be a pitiful sight…I was sure of it.

I called a dear friend looking for sympathy, but instead she told me we could rent a wheelchair or motorized scooter. My spirits lifted. Why not? We called several medical supply centers when we landed in Boston.  No luck.  We ended up borrowing a battered wheelchair from the hotel with no foot rests, but we made do and took to the streets and the parks. Friends met us in Boston Commons and instead of walking around, we sat on a park bench, ate pizza and chatted. Afterwards, we listened to music and roamed the streets around Back Bay.

Two musicians in Boston Common

Two musicians in Boston Common

A street performer and 2 young girls on Newbury Street, Boston

A street performer and 2 young girls on Newbury Street, Boston

Another night, friends picked us up in their car and we ate a wonderful Asian dinner in the South End.  A few days later, we headed to the Cape and spent a few days with more dear friends.  Our days were filled  wonderful conversation, food and board games that I hadn’t played since I was a child.

Hobbled and a bit humbled, I sat more and truly slowed down. Instead of rushing to the next event or city or hotel, we savored the moments and thought less about filling the days and hours with restless activity. And, I learned the power of this thought:

“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.”― C. JoyBell C.

Perhaps, in the end, my “affliction” made us more carefree.  Ironic, isn’t it?


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  1. Thanks for giving a link to my post! I am glad your vacation has worked out, and you are enjoying it. The quotation is so true. Hope your toe will recover soon.


  2. Hi Patti,
    Spoke to Rich last week and he mentioned that you would be calling. If you get a chance, I’d love to speak with you. (by the way, one of the best vacations we ever had when I was ‘hiking’ through the Cascade mountains and B.C. on crutches after fracturing my ankle.). Maureen


  3. Patricia,
    This is what we are planing to do this weekend. Few Car-Free-Days in Travemünde. We are going to leave our Vauxhall at home and take the bus.
    There is a lot to see.



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