Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

“Good morning is a contradiction of terms”–Jim Davis
For some of us, the morning isn’t the best time of day.  We edge slowly into the waking world, our bodies and minds resisting.  That’s why you won’t find any elaborate breakfast shots in my gallery.   My first meal of the day is very basic:  hot, black tea (PG Tips, of course)and a piece of chocolate (Trader Joe’s dark chocolate with nuts).  This is often enough to kick start my morning.
Walden Mug

Walden Mug

Later, I’ll stagger to the gym in my dazed state.   After a shower and another cup of tea, I officially begin the day.  Sometimes, when we are traveling, I surprise myself and get up and out much earlier.  My most inspired morning walks are often in urban areas as you can see below.  I’ve also included one early morning shot of “ice out”–taken on the day when the winter ice started to break when we lived on Lake Winnepesaukee.
Morning in the Campo di Fiori, Rome

Morning in the Campo di Fiori, Rome


Doorway, Cinque Terre, Italy


Wacker Drive Pano, taken with the Photosynth App

Wacker Drive Pano, Chicago, IL, taken with the iPhone 4 and the Photosynth App


Ponte Vecchia, Florence, Italy

Tybee Island, near Savannah, GA

Tybee Island, near Savannah, GA

Photo taken of Lake Winnipesaukee, NH with Canon Rebel XT

“Ice Out,” Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

Are you a morning person like my husband?  Unlike me, he wakes with a burst of energy and is most productive before noon.  We couldn’t be more opposite!
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    • Hi Billie! Thanks so much for the pingback. I took a peak at your blog and subscribed to it. It is wonderful and admirable that you are speaking out about living courageously with chronic pain and not letting it define who you are.


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