Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

The detached observer’s view is one window on the world.–Kenneth L. Pike

My passions for writing and photography make me an observer of life, of people. Like all “creatives,” I am always on the hunt for a window into other people’s lives and stories. These “windows” often become springboards for another character in my next book or photograph.  The “windows” might be a bit of conversation overheard on the street, or perhaps they are a jaunty tilt of a hat or an intriguing face.  Sometimes however, they are literally windows.

For this week’s post, I’m offering to you some of favorite “window” inspiration collected in the Midwest.  Is there one photograph that is particularly intriguing to you?  If so, which one?

Photo #1:  Imagine my surprise when I spotted the suave and witty Salvatore Dali peering down at me from a second story window on Dearborn Street in Chicago.

Salvatore Dali in the Window, Chicago, IL

Salvatore Dali in the Window, Chicago, IL

Photo #2:  What is more breathtaking than these pairs of stained glass windows and skylights from the Meyer May House in Grand Rapids?  FYI:  In addition to the architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright designed the lamps, furniture, rugs, and even the clothes of his home owners.   Patterns on the rugs marked where the furniture should be placed.  How’s that for obsessive compulsive?

Meyer May House, Grand Rapids, MI

Meyer May House, Grand Rapids, MI

Photo #3:  This lithe and lovely Greek goddess adorns the window of this apartment building in the Gold Coast section of Chicago.

Window Bas Relief, Gold Coast, Chicago

Window Bas Relief, Gold Coast, Chicago

For more visual inspiration, click on the links below:

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  1. Thanks, Amy! The Meyer May house is a great local treasure. I love that it was built originally by Frank Lloyd Wright for 2 short people–about 5’3″, so the house is scaled to that size! It’s a beautiful home that has been completely restored by Steelcase.


    • Frank Lloyd Wright said that anything over 6 feet was wasted space. I love the pic and think you would love to visit Taliesin West, which has the same obsessiveness to detail and dominance (really, would you want your architect to tell you what to wear!) but a very different look. Taliesin West is about 3 miles from where I live – been there 5 times already and each time I discover something more impressive. On one of my treks last year, I actually had the fortune to meet FLW’s person physician, who was 97 at the time (what does it say when your physician outlives the patient). When I visited this year, I inquired after him and was told that he had finally met his maker.


      • Hi Maureen! Glad you like the FLW picture. You’d also be interested in seeing Arcosanti, which is about an hour north from Phoenix. A student of Wright’s created a marvelous community which is an architectural wonder. You can stay overnight for a minimal amount in one of their guest rooms. Alex did that last winter and loved it.


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