Phoneography Challenge: Architecture

It’s Monday!  Time for our next iPhone challenge, thanks to our fearless leader and photography mentor, Sally at Lens and Pens.

On a recent Chicago Architectural Foundation tour of the legendary Palmer House, I took this panorama of the lobby ceiling with my iPhone 4 and the Photosynth app.  The dim lighting conditions were challenging, but with some post processing in Photoshop, I managed to capture some of the grandeur and intricacy of the fresco work.

Vaulted Ceiling at the Palmer House, Chicago, IL

Vaulted Ceiling at the Palmer House, Chicago, IL

Potter Palmer, the Chicago business icon, conceived of and financed the construction of the hotel, and his wife, Bertha,  an great admirer of the artist Claude Monet, supervised the decorating.   The Palmer House is a tribute to Impressionism, with its jeweled chandeliers, Louis Comfort Tiffany masterpieces, and a stunning ceiling fresco by French painter Louis Pierre Rigal.  I totally agree with the journalist George Will who described the fresco as  “a wonderful protest of romance against the everydayness of life.”  It is breathtaking and fanciful.  Learn more about the Palmer House here .

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    • Why thanks, FireBonnet! It was a challenge, and I’m fairly happy with the results. I’m going to take another pano the next time I’m there. I wonder if I can improve on this…um…?? I appreciate “hearing” your thoughts.


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