Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

For me, the word “abandoned” contains both an element of sadness and as well as hope. Why? How can that be? Let’s take a look at the next 3 photos.

I took this first shot of an abandoned farmhouse when we lived New Hampshire.  Nearly every day for seven years, we passed this house on our walks.  Even in that short time, the house became more and more dilapidated, its pink paint chipping and fading.

Abandoned pink house.  Gilford, NH

Abandoned pink house. Gilford, NH.  Photo by Patti Moed

This poem by Ted Kooser sums up how I felt about it.


Abandoned Farmhouse

By Ted Kooser

Something went wrong, says the empty house
in the weed-choked yard. Stones in the fields
say he was not a farmer; the still-sealed jars
in the cellar say she left in a nervous haste.
And the child? Its toys are strewn in the yard
like branches after a storm–a rubber cow,
a rusty tractor with a broken plow,
a doll in overalls. Something went wrong, they say.
The same sense of “something gone wrong” is in the second shot taken by my son Alex. I like its moodiness and melancholy tone.
Chair, abandoned house, Savannah, Georgia.  Photo by Alex Moed.

Chair, abandoned house, Savannah, Georgia. Photo by Alex Moed.

Alex also took the third shot of a rundown neighborhood outside of Savannah, Georgia.  At first glance, the photo reveals the area’s bleakness and devastation.   Grim street battles surely took place here.  But, taking a closer look, I also see hope in the graffiti, which reveals the talent and power of the artists.  Even the words, “Thy kingdom shall fall,” contain the promise of another era (here or in heaven), which will bring greater fairness, prosperity, and happiness to a new generation.

"Thy Kingdom Shall Fall," Savannah, Georgia.  Photo by Alex Moed.
“Thy Kingdom Shall Fall,” Savannah, Georgia. Photo by Alex Moed.

Is “abandoned” a sad word for you? Or, do you see hope in it as well?

To see other interpretations of this week’s theme, click on the links below.  And enjoy!

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  1. I think of a house that has seen many things- with lots of stories to tell! It emulates the process of life- old and ready to return to the dust after a job well done and a life well lived! I enjoyed checking out your blog. Thanks!


    • Hi, Maria. I hadn’t seen these sites when I visited P.R. many years ago, but they are pervasive, aren’t they? I keep reminding myself that they may change again for the better. Thanks for your thoughts!


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