Phoneography Challenge: Grand Rapids Architecture

For this week’s Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge posted by Sally at Lens and Pens, I have selected a shot taken on a wintry evening in December when it was so cold that the landscape took on a bluish hue.   For few moments, I shivered on the third floor balcony of DeVos Place, trying to get the shot right.  Looking upstream, the color blue is predominant–reflected in the blue sky and the blue tinted glass of Bridgewater Place looming over the Grand Rapids skyline.  In the foreground you can see the rapids, which have been tamed by a series of retaining walls.   If the public has its way, the walls will soon be removed and the river will be “grand” once again.

View upsteam, Bridgewater Place, Grand Rapids, MI

View Upsteam, Bridgewater Place, Grand Rapids, MI.  Photo taken with iPhone 4.

The shot required some cropping.  I also used 2 filters in Photoshop to reduce the “noise” and bump up the vibrance a bit.

So, can sense the cold by just looking at this shot?



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  1. Patti, you’ve created a marvelous cityscape at twilight. The reflections of light make the image pop, but do not distract from the architecture. Happy photo challenge. (for some reason I do not get a Pingback from your posts).


    • Gee, I didn’t get notification of your response. I wonder how many I’m missing. Anyway, on to your question ;). Since 1990! I was born in Sturgis, lived there one year, and then we moved to Kalamazoo. My mother grew up in Kalamazoo and many relatives were there. As I’ve been working on genealogy, I’ve discovered a lot of ties to Grand Rapids–I hadn’t realized that until that point.


  2. I can see a bit of snow on the hills in the background so even without you saying it was cold, I think I would have gotten that shiver. We’ve had plenty of shivers this winter as have you, I’m sure. I’m quite ready for spring now.



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