What’s Your Alphabet?

A special thanks to Maria for nominating my blog for–not one–but several awards!    If you are not familiar with her work, Maria is passionate about botany and photography, so  If you want to see some terrific shots of gorgeous flowers, stop by her site Tropical Flowering Zone.





As a condition for the award, I must fulfill the following requests:

1.  Describe yourself using every letter of the alphabet.  OK, so here’s my personal alphabet:

A:  Artistic.  B:  Bookish.  C:  Caring.   D:  Determined.   E:  Energetic and Empathetic   F: Foodie.  G:  Genuine   H:  Hopeful.  I:  Inquisitive.  J:   Joyful   K:  Kind    L:   Loving    M:  Multifaceted   N: Nurturing    O:  Optimistic.   P:  Patient   Q: Quiet   R:  Restless    S: Sensitive   T:  Tolerant.  U:   Unique   V:    Voyager     W:   Wandering    X:  Xenial    Y :  Young-at-heart       Z:  Zealous

2.  Nominate three bloggers per award. The nominees must do the same.

So now, without any further delay, here are my nominees:













Once again, thanks, Maria!


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  1. Thanks for acknowledging my blog and my nomination. I think you are the first one that takes me up on it! You have some great tips for writers and I do hope to go back to my writing one day. It’s just that right now I don’t have that solitude I need (remember you talked out that?), so photography is what suits me best right now. Congrats to your great blog, and again, thanks for accepting the nomination!


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