Weekly Photo Challenge: A Call To Adventure

This week’s photo challenge asks us to visualize adventure.  Well, for me, an adventure can start with a kiss…

The Kiss

Cupid and Venus, Dreihaus Museum, Chicago, IL

Or a quest.


Knight in Shining Armor, MFA Boston

It’s a call to take action.  To leave the comforts of home and go out into the world.  It doesn’t matter how you travel.


Chevy Relic, Grand Rapids, MI

Or, how fast you go.


Parachute Drop, Thunder Over Michigan Air Show, Willow Run, MI

The important thing is to acknowledge our fears.  Real or imagined.  And not let them stop us.

The Dragon

Street Art, Chicago, IL

In acting, we summon our courage…

4 in Formation

Thunder Over Michigan Air Show, Willow Run, MI

And stand tall against a foe.   We may travel alone.  Or, with a faithful companion.

The Call to Adventure

Folk Art, MFA, Boston

The results can be surprising.  They might bring us happiness or sadness.  Or maybe a bit of both.  But still, despite everything, we know with all certainty that we rose to the challenge …

In Formation

Thunder Over Michigan Air Show, Willow Run

And it changed us forever.

Sprite, Art Prize 2012

Art Prize 2012

What does adventure mean to you?  What is your next adventure?  Mine is to write my second novel, which I have been researching for the past few months.  Very soon, I will start the writing phase, which fills me with great excitement and some fear.  But, here I go!   Wish me buona fortuna!  I wish the same for you on your next adventure.

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    • Thanks, Sally! Street art is fascinating. In Chicago the dragon and other drawings are in an underpass near a park. They’ve been there for months and I hope they stay for a long time. It does pull you in to a magical world.


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