Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge: Macro (Wild Things in the Woods)

This week’s macro challenge by Sally at Lens and Pens couldn’t come at a better time. This weekend my husband and I hiked around Yankee Springs Recreation Area at Gun Lake in southwest Michigan, where a few trees were leading the “charge” into autumn and turning deep crimson.  It had rained quite a bit last week, so there were also dozens of wild mushrooms along the path.  Here are two of them, taken with my new Samsung Galaxy S5 phone.  Wild mushrooms intrigue me–because of their variety, beauty and potential danger.  They make me think of the magical mushrooms in folk tales and children’s stories, like Alice in Wonderland, with the power to make us shrink or grow with each bite.

Miniature Lichen City

Alice’s Little Red Mushroom

Mushroom 2

Safe to Eat?

On the way out of the forest, I spotted this miniature “city” of lichen on a fallen log.  It reminded me of a drawing of an enchanted city that you’d see in a children’s book.

Lichen City

Miniature Lichen City

Like Sally, I’m going to ask which shot you prefer and why.   And thanks for sharing your thoughts!

To see other entries in this week’s macro challenge, click on the links below:

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  1. You found visual treats everywhere that you turned. There is the fantastical charm of the first mushroom and the group eloquence of the lichen city–truly marvelous discoveries in the woods. Happy Photo Challenge.


  2. Great images, Patti. Whenever I see a mushroom I remember the drawings in my nursery rhyme book that either had a dwarf sitting on it or a frog under it. I love the red mushrooms as they immediately take me back to my childhood days but I relish the white edible mushrooms also.


  3. I found those little white plants in the woods yesterday at my moms. I had never seen them! Thanks for telling me what they are Patti! I prefer the last photo because they look like anemone under the sea ! I will post mine too in a couple of days!


  4. Hi! To tell you the truth, I thought they were lichen but had to double check on the web!! I’m looking forward to seeing your shots! And you’re right….they do look like anemones–Patti


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