Phoneography And Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge: Black and White

As a student of photography, I experiment with filters to determine which ones enhance or detract from the shot.  This week Sally at Lens and Pens challenges us to create an intriguing black and white photo.   So, here’s my offering from the Thunder over Michigan Air Show in August.   Many of the vintage planes on display were open to the public before the air show.  What a bonus for me, given that my next book is set during World War II.  Of course I took dozens of reference shots, climbed in and out of the planes, and asked the guides questions about the war and when the planes were used by the military.

You’ll see that the fighter plane pictured below identifies the pilot and his crew, as well as the number of Nazi planes they shot down during the war.  It also has a mascot painted over the wing.   For this first shot, I applied a film grain filter.  The second version does not have the filter.  The third is the original color shot taken with with Samsung Galaxy S5.  Which do you prefer and why?  Does the film grain filter enhance or detract from the shot?  Is the shot more visually appealing in black and white or color?  Thanks as always for your feedback!

Vintage Plane with Film Grain Filter

Vintage Plane with Film Grain Filter

Vintage Plane without Film Grain Filter

Vintage Plane without Film Grain Filter

Vintage Plane Original

Vintage Plane Original

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  1. You’ve made the subject of your monochrome so much stronger with the first edited one. It gives the storyline additional layers with clarity of contrasts and tones. It even makes it easier too focus on the details of the design and words inscribed. Happy Photo Challenge.


  2. I like each for a different reason. The first because if feels like it’s telling a story…makes me feel like it’s a memory. I like the second because of the black and white lends itself to the whole vintage subject. And the third because it shows us how the plane actually looks. If I had to pick…. the first one speaks to me more.


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