Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge: Nature at the Smithsonian

It’s Monday!  Time to join Sally’s Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge.

Last week, I wandered through the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.   My time was limited, so I managed to see only a fraction of the amazing collection, which span science, technology, and art.    Wonderful gardens also surround the museum with intriguing plant life.   Here’s a shot of an unusual plant in one the Smithsonian gardens.  Its thorned leaves and stems and tiny orange fruit caught my eye.



I wondered whether it was simply exotic or poisonous.   A quick Google search provided the answer.   This mysterious plant is the naranjillo (Solanum quitoense) from South America.   And don’t worry.  The fruit is edible.   Here’s the original shot of a naranjillo leaf taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5.

Thorned Leaf color

Original Thorned Leaf

Here’s the same image with a black and white filter.

Thorned Leaf B_W

Thorned Leaf B_W

Here it is with the poster effect filter in Photoshop.

Thorned Leaf with Poster Effect

Thorned Leaf with Poster Effect

And finally, here’s the shot with the Vintage Effects and Nature overlay filters from the Pixlr app:

Thorned Leaf with Pixlr app

Thorned Leaf with Pixlr app

My favorites are the original color shot and the one with the Pixlr app.  For me, they are the most vivid and intriguing.  But which one do you prefer?  And why?

Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. The poster effect makes these thorns even more pronounced. I have never seen a leaf scattered with such danger, but nature does have a way of warding off predators. Still, you could hopscotch through the maze of prickles. Happy Photo Challenge.


  2. That’s some thorny leaf you’ve capture. The original is good. I liked Poster Effect too, it adds to the rugged look. But I liked Pixlr one too, it gives a balancing effect.


  3. The fruit pic is a winner! I am always a fan of thorn shadows. I too like the original with the transparent green light shining through.
    I have a new big iPhone 6 plus. How do like the size Galaxy 5? Would be interesting to compare. Obviously they take great pictures.
    Happy Monday,



    • Hi Carol. Thanks for your feedback! I love the Galaxy S 5. It is larger than my prior iPhone 4, but I love the photo capabilities. I’ve had no problem getting apps for it. Do you like the iPhone 6? Any problems with it bending? –Patti


    • Hi Angeline! Yes, the little oranges were a surprise as well as the thorny leaf. Yes, the consensus seems to be the poster effect for the leaf. It does highlight the thorns. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!–Patti


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