Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Challenger’s Choice–Night Architecture

This week, it’s the challenger’s choice for the Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge.  I’ve done a bit of traveling recently, so I decided to play around with a shot of the Metropolitan Museum of Art taken one night last month.  It’s one of my favorite spots in New York City, and has wonderful memories of the times when we lived nearby.  On rainy days, I’d go there with my son when he was still in a stroller and he’d have fun visiting the Egyptian mummies and throwing coins in the fountain near the American Wing.  As I was walking north on 5th Avenue, I caught sight of the museum from a side angle.  The façade, lit by many spotlights, was stunning.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Original

Metropolitan Museum of Art Original

The shot was a bit fuzzy, so I experimented a bit by sharpening the image and adding a film grain filter.

Metropolitan Museum of Art with Film Grain

Metropolitan Museum of Art with Film Grain

And then cropping the shot.

MET close up with filter

MET close up with filter

The film grain adds a bit of drama to the shot.  And the close up lets the viewer focus on the details–like the façade of the building and the silhouettes of the people walking up the stairs.  But what do you think?  Which shot do you prefer and why?  Thanks as always for your comments, which help me improve my photographs!

This week’s challengers include:


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  1. The shot looks beeter cropped because there’s more emphasis on the architecture. I suppose the only way to avoid grain is to use a tripod and do a slow exposure with ISO 100 or so. But the problem is the people moving and the wind blowing which will cause blurs. So I don’t mind the grain in the third one as it adds an artistic touch that I like. Happy Holidays Patty!


    • You too, Maria! Have a wonderful holiday and a terrific 2015! And thanks too for your thoughts on the photos. I’m still experimenting with night shots on the cellphone camera. It’s harder to hold steady. I bought one of those little mini tripods, but wasn’t carrying it with me. Ah well. Next time I’ll look for a surface like the edge of a wall to set the camera on.


  2. Oh, my…don’t make us choose a favorite. They are all stunning. Wonderful photos, and I do like the grain very much which gives a very artistic/painterly type of feel.
    Thanks for the pingback. Have the happiest of holidays!


  3. I am also having a difficult time selecting a favorite. They all have elements to offer the viewer. Your perspective and the lighting are two keys to the image’s appeal: they work to force attention on architectural details. Happy winter holidays. Happy Photo Challenge.


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