Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter Warmth (in Chicago)

[W]inter tames man, woman and beast…. ~William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew (Grumio)

Here’s my definition of warmth for this week’s photo challenge:

On a recent cold winter night in Chicago, I wanted dinner in a cozy place.  A glass of wine.  A seat near the fire.  And one of favorite Italian dishes to warm me up.   As I headed for the train, a cold wind was blowing.  I was shivering despite wearing two sweaters, a thick down coat, and a hat.

So where did I go?  Eataly of course, my Italian “home” in Chicago–a massive 2-story food emporium with several restaurants, featuring seafood (pesce), vegetables, meat (carne), homemade pasta and pizza, smoked meat and fresh cheese (salumi), as well as gelato, espresso, pastries, and chocolates.   In other words, it’s heaven.

I slipped onto a seat at the pasta bar overlooking the kitchen, just a few feet away from the chefs, who were busy cooking pasta and stirring savory sauces.  After a quick look at the menu, I ordered pasta norma (penne with eggplant and fresh mozzarella), and a glass of moscato wine. Perfetto!  The perfect remedy for a cold winter night.  If you look closely, you’ll see the chef reflected in the wine glass. 

Dinner at Eataly, Chicago, IL

Dinner at Eataly, Chicago, IL

(Confession:  The dinner also came with two slices of fresh Italian bread, but I ate it so fast I couldn’t include in the photo.)

For some intriguing interpretations of this week’s photo challenge theme, click on the links below:

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  1. Hi Maria. I don’t mind sharing the picture at all….but if you asked me to share my food I wouldn’t be as generous!! (Just kidding.) Thanks, as always, for your thoughts! –Patti


  2. Patti, I really laughed out loud about the bread – been there, done that!! We have a fabulous (and maybe the first?) Eataly in Manhattan and we LOVE to go there. It’s great fun, wonderful products and delicious food. Think it was such a clever idea and expect they’ll pop up all over the country. Wonderful post – loved the “chef in a glass” too!


    • Hi Tina. Funny that you and I both do the same thing! The “chef in a glass” was a pleasant surprise after I took the shot and looked more closely at it. You may be surprised to know (I was!) that there are dozens of Eatalys all over the world! In fact, the ones in America have arrived late on the scene. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. And happy 2015! –Patti


    • Hi Kirizar! Yes, it is a lucky thing that his reflection is in the glass! No doubt there is a symbiotic relationship between the person who cooks the food and the people who eat it! Thanks for your thoughts.–Patti


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