Weekly Photo Challenge: New and Delicious Vegan Food? Really?

Those of you who live with a vegetarian or have cooked for vegetarians will understand my love-hate relationship with healthy eating.

My husband “converted” to vegetarianism several years ago for health reasons and I am still adjusting.  Yes, a vegetarian diet can be good for you, but sometimes the dishes simply don’t taste very good and lack flavor no matter how many spices and sauces you add.  And it is inconvenient and annoying to make a separate vegetarian dish for dinner when I feel like spaghetti and meatballs.  And it is frustrating to substitute vegetarian ingredients for your favorite matso ball soup recipe when the results simply don’t taste good.

So you’ll understand my profound shock at what happened a few weeks ago.  I never thought I’d be saying this, but here goes:  I ate vegan food and it was delicious.

The fact that our doctor recommended the restaurant made me even more skeptical.  But as we sat down to eat our lunch at Karyn’s on Green in Greektown on Chicago’s West Side, I tasted my poached pear salad, tried a few spoonfuls of the squash soup, and took a bite of my husband’s “meatball” slider and I became a believer.  It truly was delicious.  And yes, I admit this humbly and with a true sense of shock that not all food that is supposed to be good for you tastes like chia seeds and kale.

Lunch at Karyn's on Green, Chicago, IL

Lunch at Karyn’s on Green, Chicago, IL

So, there is hope in my quest to make delicious vegetarian food   As I expand my repetoire of meat-free meals, I will be shooting for that elusive but attainable “star” of Karyn’s delicious vegetarian food.

Do you have a vegetarian (or vegan) recipe that is delicious?  If so, please share it!

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  1. Great image ….. and thanks for the tip – love Chicago … so I will try this out next time, but there is some amazing vegetarian food out there. Personal, I think I would really struggle to live with a vegetarian, love my food too much and I understand that your husband is still struggling a bit. Haven’t been to Greek Town yet. Have a lovely weekend.


  2. Hi Viveka. Greektown is really just a few streets with a few restaurants, but it’s worth a trip there. I hope you go to Karyn’s and enjoy it like we did. Chicago is great, isn’t it? (Except maybe in the middle of winter!!)


  3. I think you may have to clarify whether you mean vegetarian or vegan. Some vegetarians eat milk products and some eat eggs. (Lacto-ovo, vegetarians.) I have a recipe I love to make with scrambled eggs, tomatoes sliced and cooked down in olive oil and then salt and pepper is added. It is almost an eggy tomato broth by the time it is done. It goes over rice and I think it’s the bees knees. But, it isn’t vegan.


    • Hi Kirizar. Thanks for picking that up. I fixed it. Either vegetarian or vegan is fine! That egg dish sound nice! I just made one this week. It was more like a “skillet” with sliced, cooked potatoes, onions, sundried tomatoes, veggie sausage, eggs, and a bit of cheese. You just pop the frying pan under the broiler at the end to get it nice and brown. It was good! Thanks for your idea as well!–Patti

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  4. The Moosewood Cookbook. Anything and everything in it – trust me, I’m a meat lover and I am a HUGE fan of all their recipes. They do not lack in taste, but you may at times be overwhelmed by the amount of butter they throw at you. Ok, so veggie eating is not always healthy eating…

    Chicago is a cool-cool town, one I wish to visit in the summer time, during all its festivals (and during it’s warmer days).


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