Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Trump in Black and White

Good morning, phoneography challengers!

It’s the third Monday of the month, so Sally challenges us to post a black and white photo, which highlights an intriguing shot taken with our cellphone cameras.  Here’s a photo taken this summer of the Trump Tower along the waterfront in Chicago.  I was intrigued by the skyline mirrored on the building’s surface.  Here’s the shot in black and white:

Trump Tower, Chicago in Black and White

Trump Tower, Chicago in Black and White with the Fresco Filter

To the original image, I applied a “fresco” filter, which highlighted the strong angular lines of the building.  Then, I converted it into black and white.  I like the granularity of the sky in the black and white and the contrast between the “old world” monochromatic look and this ultra-modern building.

Now, compare this shot to the original color image below.  As you can see, you lose some of the clouds reflected in the building in the black and white version.  Does this matter to you?  Which shot do you prefer?  Why?

Trump Tower, Chicago, original image

Trump Tower, Chicago, original image

As always, I thank you for your feedback, which is sharpening my “critical eye” and helping me focus on creating stronger images.

Here are this week’s challengers:

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    • Thanks so much, Maria! It seemed like a good choice. Sometimes it’s surprising what photos look more intriguing in b/w. That’s the part about photography that I love! I appreciate your feedback–Patti


  1. Wow. Impressive what you did. I do like better the color one, just because the B&W misses all reflections of the sky and clouds and a bit of the contrast as well. The B&W is still stunning g because the overall image has a tremendous perspective.


    • Hi Lucile. It’s a pleasure to meet you here! Thanks so much for your thoughts. True about the color version. I’m glad you like the perspective! It’s similar to your photo for this challenge. Best–Patti


      • Hi Patti. My pleasure. And you are most welcome. Indeed, we both had images of architecture, and very contrasting styles. I’m sure Trump would have built huge cathedrals, had he been born in that century!
        Till next time. Best wishes. Lucile


  2. Hi Jo! Great to hear your thoughts! I guess you like the “POW!” of B and W. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t… Funny. I wasn’t sure about this one, but in post processing I realized it did work! Thanks so much for stopping by!


  3. Always enjoy seeing that tank fill up! I like the second and always stop and admire that building. Insipid says Jo 🙂 Distinctive says me ! Hugs Jo ♥


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