Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Challenger’s Choice – Winter White Still Life at the Pantlind Hotel

Here I am, a day behind for Sally’s Monday phoneography challenge!  On this crisp and cold Tuesday morning, I’m posting a shot taken on a recent walk.  We are fortunate to live in a high rise, which is connected to a skywalk.  This heated and glass enclosed walkway traverses several blocks and connects 3 hotels, 3 Starbucks, several restaurants and bars, a convention center, and a concert hall.    One of the hotels, the Pantlind, is a turn-of-the century classic which has been restored to its full glory and turned into the Amway Grand.  The floral displays throughout the lobby and hallways are always stunning.  This arrangement of white dahlias caught the reflection of the overhead laser lights, which shift through the color spectrum from blue through orange.  I took the original shot with my Samsung Galaxy S5 and added two different filter effects.  Which one do you like the best?  The smudge stick or the sandstone?  Thanks, as always, for your feedback, my phoneography friends.

White Flower with Smudge Stick Filter

White Dahlia with Smudge Stick Filter

White Flower with Sandstone Texture

White Dahlia with Sandstone Texture

This week’s phoneography challengers include:

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  1. First of all to live in a high rise connected by skyway to all the amenities is the way to go! Perfect I would say! Now on the the photos, I like best the Smudge Stick filter look for its painterly effect. Beautiful. Will you share what app these are found on?


  2. Your home sounds marvelous–great to have such features close to you. Your floral images are perfect to cheer me on this bitter cold day. The winds are increasing and the temps along with them. Happy Photo Challenge.


  3. Wow, High rise connected to all those things. On cold frosty days, you would not even need to go out at all! The floral display sounds stunning and I guess this is a way to bring the outside and nature indoors. Something else that is stunning is your photo of the dahlia. Well done! I appreciate the pingback. I will follow your postings from now on.


    • Hi Tina. I’m sure you would like the skywalk. It is great. My husband is teasing me because sometimes I don’t go outside for days in the cold weather, but if I can get what I need inside, is there any reason to go out??


    • Hi Lucile. Thanks! I’ve got to go back to the hotel and see what flowers they have this week. I love the arrangements. Good point about the softer and delicate look with the sandstone filter. –Patti


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