Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth (The Long View Over Grand Rapids)

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.–Albert Camus

One night this week, I was starting to cook dinner and happened to look out the window of our apartment.

Grand Rapids Skyline at Sunset, January 2015

Grand Rapids Skyline at Sunset, January 2015

I grabbed my Canon and took a series of shots with my 17 to 70 mm Sigma lens.  The bracketed images were  processed with Photomatix.

What a treat this sunset is during the grayish days of winter.  It is a reminder of the heat and the promise of summer.

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  1. I love it Patti! The colors are beautiful and there’s so much detail. I also have a Sigma but it’s a fixed 15mm prime (f/2.8). I bought it 15mm on purpose since Canon’s 60 & 70D’s have a 1.6x crop factor, to get a real wide look I thought I had to go even lower (15mm), but to tell you the truth, both 15 & 17mm are pretty much the same. The 15mm will give you just a very tiny bit of more of barrel distortion. I was also torn between buying the Canon 10-22 zoom but it’s expensive and one rarely uses it because it’s too wide. I love this image!


    • Thanks, Maria! I am always debating about my “next” lens. The 10 to 22 could be really interesting, given the type of shots you take. Do you have a 100 mm? I’ve been debating about whether to get one. I have a 70mm to 300 zoom, so maybe I can use that?? Not sure. I do love the prime lenses.


      • Now, I’d rather stay with the macros. I have the old Canon version of the Macro f/2.8 (now there’s an L version which is pricey), so I’m keeping that one, and a 60mm macro Canon f/2.8 which is an old lens which is smaller to carry and it’s sharp. I always debated whether to get that 10 to 22 wide angle zoom, but I’m not into landscapes anymore, plus I have the Sigma 15mm. I like the L quality Canon lenses but they are too pricey, and the one I currently have is the 70-200 Canon f/4 L zoom lens, which I only use for flowers. There’s the 70-200 Canon f/2.8 L but it’s extremely pricey and heavy. I guess for now I will stay with what I have. The 100mm Canon f/2.8 prime is both a macro and a portrait lens. The more pricey 100mm L version is supposed to be weatherproof and improved, but I’m not getting it.


    • Thanks, Apple Pie! I think it all depends on what type of photography you like to do. The 17 to 70mm is a good travel lens. Good for general use, as well as wide angle shots and close ups. But if you prefer a telephoto lens or macro lens, you’d pick a different one. I am “building” a kit of different types of lenses for different purposes. I hope you can travel soon!

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    • Hi Amy. Many thanks! That’s what struck me too. The colors were gorgeous. It’s our reward for days and days of gray, cold weather this winter! Is it cold where you are too?–Patti


      • This is such a grand image! It hasn’t been cold in Texas, only have had a few days that dropped down to 30F. We had some rain this weekend, lovely. 🙂 Hope you are enjoying the weekend, Patti.


    • Hi Dune Mouse! Thanks. We do have a lovely view of the river and skyline. I feel like we’re in a plane, coming in for a landing! We’ve had so many gray winter days that I really appreciated this sunset. Thanks so much for stopping by and adding your thoughts!–Patti

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