Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Nature (Signs of Spring from Australia)

Good morning, phoneography challengers.  Here’s my entry for this week’s photo challenge, brought to you by Sally at Lens and Pens.  For this week’s nature theme, I’m posting two shots taken of a cheerful yellow flower.  Named the craspedia, this flower originates in Australia and New Zealand and is cousin to the daisy.  Once again, during these frigid winter days, I’m drawn to harbingers of spring and warmer weather.

Craspedia, Close Up with Paint Daubs Filter

Craspedia, Close Up with Paint Daubs Filter

The original image, taken with my Samsung Galaxy S 5, was shot indoors in the lobby of the Amway Grand Hotel in downtown Grand Rapids.  The lighting conditions weren’t perfect, so I brightened the image in post and boosted the contrast before trying some filter effects.  The first shot has the paint daubs filter effect and the second uses film grain.

Craspedia Close Up with Grain Filter

Craspedia Close Up with Grain Filter

Which shot do you prefer?  Why?  Thanks, as always, to my fellow photo challengers for their insights and feedback which help me sharpen my critical “eye.”

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  1. I like the brightness of the first image better. As a myopic person, I like crisp, clear shots. That said, I recently took pictures at the Orchid show at Meijer Gardens (post pending) and it was a royal pain to try and get tiny flower close ups. Considering the lighting you no doubt had to contend with, great shot!


  2. Thanks so much, Kirizar! I didn’t realize you come to GR and Meijer Gardens. It’s my favorite spot in town. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see your shots from the orchid show. –Patti


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