Weekly Photo Challenge: Walls of Tyranny, Flowers, Whales, and Ghosts

Some walls are cold, unfriendly barriers that defend, segregate, and imprison–like this fragment of the Berlin Wall, on display at the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum.  How many decades of sadness and anger are etched into that wall?

Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.–Coco Chanel
Fragment of the Berlin Wall, The Gerald Ford Presidental Museum, Grand Rapids, MI

Fragment of the Berlin Wall, The Gerald Ford Presidental Museum, Grand Rapids, MI

Other walls, serving a totally different purpose, are colorful and friendly.  Take a look at the verdant walls in the next photo.  They are home to dozens of flowers.  They create a soft backdrop in the upstairs seating area in the Downtown Market in Grand Rapids–where people can eat a meal, shop, and sample some great food.   We’re regulars at the bakery, where we devour samples of the semolina bread and baguettes and buy enough bread to feed a small village.   My only question about the gorgeous flowering wall is–how long does it take to water all the plants?

Sell the public flowers… things that they can hang on their walls without being uptight.–Robert Mapplethorpe

Walls of Flowers, Downtown Market, Grand Rapids, MI

Walls of Flowers, Downtown Market, Grand Rapids, MI

On our vacation last summer in Greenport, a seaside town at the tip of Long Island, I spotted this inviting doorway to an old clapboard home.  The black whale on the lintel, the vibrant red door, and the gingham curtains were an invitation to step inside and get to know the occupants.  I wondered if the owners were as creative and welcoming as their door suggested.

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.–Joseph Campbell

A Whale of a Doorway, Shelter Island, NY

A Whale of a Doorway, Shelter Island, NY

The trees and a circular staircase make ghostly shadows on a wall of a townhouse in Savannah, Georgia–a city that is full of charm, mystery, and rumors of supernatural apparitions.   It’s one of my favorite places in America.

 The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts.–Italo Calvino
A Wall of Shadows, Savannah, GA

A Wall of Shadows, Savannah, GA

This week’s photo challenge highlights the fact that walls are as individual as their owners and serve many different purposes.  The walls themselves can evoke a mood or a feeling and can “speak” volumes about their owners, their history and their purpose–whether it is to welcome, warn, delight, or imprison others.

Which photo above “speaks” to you?  What mood or memory does it call to mind?  Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts and have a wonderful week, everyone!

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  1. I like all of them Patti, the graffiti is so colorful, and I’ve seen walls of flowers also but on the outside of a house. I had the same question, how do they maintain them? This house has ferns, and other plants attached on the wall and they’re all varied, so they must require a high degree of maintenance. The last image of the shadows is fantastic, I love composing with shadows also. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Hi Tina. Why, thanks! Yes, it is interesting where the “wall” is housed. Another section of it is in the GR Public Museum. I’d love to know the history behind that! I appreciate your comments. –Patti


  2. Hi Patti, I won’t choose any as I wouldn’t do justice to them. They are all absolutely superb photos, coupled with brilliant description and thoughtful quotes. It was a real treat this post. Thank you so much.


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