Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird? Definitely Not.

I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm.–Franklin D. Roosevelt

If the world is divided into “early” birds” and “hit-the-snooze-button” birds, then I’m definitely in the second category.  To my way of thinking, FDR was right.   Early birds are supposed to be lucky and noble and hard-working.  But in fact, we associate too much virtue and glory with the early risers.  On the weekends, my husband proudly recites everything he’s accomplished before I’ve gotten out of bed.  Given that he usually has about a two-hour head start to his day, I’m always in the position of catching up.  However, I can keep working until the early evening when he’s already stretched on the couch flicking channels.  So, does it really matter that I rarely see the sun rise?  It’s time to sing the praises of those of us who are “I-need-a-second-cup-of- coffee” people.  We have our virtues too.  And we are not slackers.  We get the same amount of work done, but we just do it later than those cheerfully obnoxious early birds.

By this point, you should not be surprised that I had to do quite a bit of digging to come up with a few shots taken in the early morning.  Often, on vacation, I find it easier to “rise and shine.”  (Ugh.   My parents woke up my sister and me every school-day morning with that ridiculously optimistic greeting, which still makes me cringe and want to bury myself deeper under the covers.)  So, here are a few shots taken in the morning during our travels.

1.  A morning walk on the beach in Hollywood, Florida.  I processed the iPhone shot in Photoshop, boosted the contrast, saturation, and vibrance, and then added a black and white filter.

Early morning beach walk, Hollywood, Florida.  Shot with my iPhone.

Morning beach walk, Hollywood, Florida. Shot with my iPhone.

2.  A Busy Bee Caught on a Morning Walk in Boston Commons.  I added more saturation, vibrancy, and contrast in Photoshop, and applied the burn tool to the bee’s body and some of the flowers.

Early Morning Bee.  Boston Commons.  Shot with a Canon 40D.

Early Morning Bee. Boston Commons. Shot with a Canon 40D.

3.  I took this shot one rare April morning when I rose early and saw that the ice was cracking on Lake Winnepesaukee, signalling the official end of winter.  I positioned the camera on the dock and stretched out on my stomach, peering through the viewfinder, trying to get the right angle.  In Photoshop, I boosted the vibrancy, color, and contrast.

Ice Out.  Lake Winnepesaukee, New Hampshire.

Ice Out. Lake Winnepesaukee, New Hampshire.

Do any of these shots make you want to set your alarm for 5 a.m. tomorrow morning?  To see some more early bird shots, click here.  Thanks for your comments, as always, and have a wonderful week–even those of you who “rise and shine!”

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    • Hi Clay. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It is funny how we both married people who have different sleep patterns. I’ll stop by and take a look at your site too. –Patti


  1. My mom used to wake me up at 5 when I was a kid. I got used to it and loved watching the morning sky. But now its difficult to get up that early because mostly can’t make it “early to bed” due to work. I think I miss that. Now my early is only after 6 or 7 a.m..
    Lovely collection Patti. Enjoyed every single shot. 🙂


    • Hi Norma. 5:00!! Oh, I’m so sorry, she woke you up that early, but I’m glad you liked it! I hope some day when your work schedule allows that you can go back to being a very “early” bird.–Patti


      • Oh, she is an early riser still (and fit and healthy) and thought that one should be out of bed early – a way to have a disciplined and an active day and life. Now I see the difference on days when I get early everything is on time but when late…everything’s late.
        I think school was easy and the older generation enjoyed inspite of having less in life compared to now. Now everything is spinning at such a speed that you can run with it or you are left much behind.

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      • Hi Norma. It’s so true that life seems to be spinning so fast. Part of this happens as we get older, but the pace of change in this era is unprecedented. Still, I wish we could relax without feeling guilty!

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  2. Gorgeous shots, Patti. And they’re even more valuable considering that you’re not an early bird.
    I am part of the obnoxious group though I would love to sleep more . 😉


    • Hi Lucile. So glad you like the shots. And I am very tolerant of my “early bird” husband and friends….as long as they let me sleep in the morning! Have a good week–Patti


  3. As I am sleeping my days away now, I’m all about the rising late. I’m afraid the world will never look on us as accomplished as a result of our habits but rather in spite of them!


  4. Hi Kirizar. Yes. Rising late is wonderful when you’re not feeling well and aren’t sleeping soundly during the night. I hope you feel better and can go back to your normal schedule. –Patti


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