WPC: Doors From Around the World

Every doorway, every intersection has a story.–Katherine Dunn

There’s something magical about doors. We stand in front of them, imagining the unexplored regions beyond the threshold. In fact, cultural anthropologists describe the passage through a doorway as a liminal experience, a transition through a boundary or threshold that begins a journey or quest, much like Alice did in Alice in Wonderland.

Here’s a collection of doors taken on our travels that have caught my eye. The Scottish Pub in Amsterdam always makes me smile. I love how some bar owners recreate the pubs from their native land no matter where they now live, giving tourists a taste of home.  Click below to see the full-sized image.

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    • Hi Amy. Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, the Japanese door is elegant. At the museum, they reconstructed an authentic Japanese tea house. The Morikami is one of my favorite places in Florida. Hope you get to visit there some day!

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      • I love the elegance and simplicity of Japanese garden and tea house. Thank you for the additional information, Patti. 🙂


  1. Great collection, Patti. A friend sent me a postcard — the doors of Paris. The images were a collage of many doorways around the city. So interesting to get a glimpse of the different architecture.


  2. Hi Jackie. Yes! That’s one of the things I love about traveling. Once I read about a study in which an architect designed a house without any 45 degree angles and straight lines. The people who lived there as an experiment even for a short time reported feeling confused and upset. I’d definitely react that way!


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