WPC: Close Up

I love Brie Anne’s challenge this week  to explore the world up close.

When I started experimenting with macro photography, I felt like an explorer discovering a hidden world.   As I opened the digital files in Photoshop, I was often startled by what my camera had captured.  This shot of desert grasses almost looks like an abstract painting.

Desert Grasses Abstract, Arizona, 2015.  Shot with a Canon 40D.

Desert Grasses Abstract, Arizona, 2015. Shot with a Canon 40D.

This shot of a romantic door knocker in Rome reveals surprising details in the centuries-old wood grain.

Door Knocker, Rome, Italy.  Shot with a Canon 40D.

Door Knocker, Rome, Italy. Shot with a Canon 40D.

This last shot was my first experiment with high key photography.  (Thanks Sally at Lens and Pens for introducing the concept to me!)  The white background and several artificial lights add drama to an otherwise ordinary shot.   The close up details the texture and color of the peony, which started blooming on my walk home from the farmer’s market and was fully open by the time I finished shooting an hour later.   I’m sure you’ll agree that it is a stunning flower.

High Key Peony copy

High Key Peony. Shot with a Canon 70D.

I’ve missed all my Word Press friends in the past week when we were on the road traveling.  For those of you who are going on vacation, I hope you have a great time.  If you’re back home after your trip, I hope you have great memories to sustain you for the next few months.

Have a great week, everyone!

P.S.  A technical note:  I used the Sigma 17 to 70 mm lens for my macro shots.


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  1. Hi Amy. Thanks so much! I love that door knocker too! The peonies are gorgeous, aren’t they? They’re one of my favorite flowers. Are they yours as well or do you like others?


    • Thanks, Tina! I was browsing through the files and almost passed over it. So glad you like it. It’s a departure from the ordinary–for me! Hope all’s well with you.


  2. The lens is great Patti! High keys are not that easy, at least for me they are not. I will be getting the new Rebel (the 6s). It has 24 megapixels and it tested higher in resolution than other Rebels.

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      • The Canon Speedlite 430EX II (external unit flash) is also on sale at B&H Video. I had to get that one because for years I’ve had the pricey 580EX which is the big one, and this one now is smaller and has the same features pretty much. These flashes have much better reach than the Canon 70D ’s own flash, and they bring a stand also which you can use to take it off the camera and use it wirelessly. Also, they have much better reach if you shoot a group of people or for fill-in flash up to 70’.

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      • Interesting, Maria. I’ve been thinking about getting an external flash. It’s a lot better than the portable lamps that I move from one room to another! I really like the wireless feature you described. I’ll check it out at B & H…my mecca!!


  3. Hi Patti,
    have been away too and have been trying to catch up with the blogging backlog.
    These are stunning macro photos.
    The high key macro is sublime. I remember Sally’s tips on it! Very interesting.
    Love your entries.


  4. Welcome back, Lucille! I hope you had a great time. Where did you go? We went back to the East Coast to visit friends and family. I love your idea for the photo lab and plan on joining it. Thanks for your kind thoughts too.


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