Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge–Black & White: Silhouettes in the Temple of Dendur

Better late than never!  Here’s my late entry for this week’s black and white mobile phone challenge by Sally Donatello.   I shot this photo with my Samsung S5 late one evening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Temple of Dendur wing.  I love the light and shadows in that vast space and the almost eerie juxtaposition of the ancient Egyptian statues and the 21st Century visitors.  The reflections cast in the reed pond add to the drama of the scene.

Late Evening Visit to the Temple of Dendur. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Late Evening Visit to the Temple of Dendur. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Shot with a Samsung Galaxy S5

I processed this shot in Google Photos and then brought the image into Photoshop to heighten the contrast and straighten it.

Whenever I have the chance, I return to the Metropolitan, one of my favorite spots in New York City.  When we lived in the city, I often brought our son Alex for a stroller ride through the ancient Egyptian sites and ended the trip in the American Wing atrium, where we stopped to toss pennies into the wishing pond. It will always be a magical place for me–a spot that satisfies my love of art, beauty, architecture, and history.

Where do you return again and again?  Why is this place magical for you?

Here’s a list of other photographers who joined this week’s challenge:

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