WPC: Eye Spy–The Eyes Don’t Lie

No object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye.–Elizabeth Bowen

So, the “eyes” have it for this week’s photo challenge!  After learning about “catchlights” in Tina Schell’s terrific photo blog, I searched for photos with a little glimmer of light reflected in the eyes.  Call it spirit, soul, humor, or simply a twinkle of mischief–the eyes are so expressive and send a message straight to our hearts–if we are open to it.  So, here’s my eclectic and quirky mix of photos of animals, friends, strangers, and favorite works of art in which the eyes have a message for us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So do you agree that the eyes convey so much?  My 4-legged friend, Little Miss Ruby, the irrepressible fox terrier, is already plotting her next bit of mischief, and Dave is getting ready to tease us again.  As for the vulture, I didn’t stay around long enough to figure out if he really was sizing me up for his next meal.

I hope you enjoyed my collection.  And have a great week, everyone!

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  1. Great slideshow! When I had my bird blog, the catchlights in the eyes of the birds was mostly what I was after. It’s why I always used fill-in flash. That doesn’t mean natural light will not give it to you, but flash was a way of making sure.

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