Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Hippeastrum Macro

It’s time for me to jump in to Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge.

On this frigid Monday morning, can you blame me for thinking ahead to spring?  On a recent walk through the Amway Grand Hotel, I spotted this lovely hippeastrum plant in the lobby. It’s soft pink petals and delicate stamens remind me that the warm weather will come…eventually.

Fragile, Delicate Beauty. Shot with a Samsung Galaxy S5.

Fragile, Delicate Beauty. Shot with a Samsung Galaxy S5.

In my brief study of this plant, I learned that it’s often confused with the amaryllis, which originates in South Africa.  To read more about this plant, click here.

Stay warm, everyone and have a wonderful week!

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  1. Patti, you added more rays of sunshine to my morning with your entry. You’ve managed to capture the inner (figuratively and literally) beauty of this amaryllis. And that is not an easy thing to do. The composition works so well, giving the viewer enough to imagine more. Happy Photo Challenge.


  2. Such a delicate color, Patti, and your photo did is justice. Beautiful! As it’s “up” to 9 with a wind chill of -6, I’m working hard at keeping warm. Just got back from Costco and am planning on making chicken stock for soup. 🙂



  3. Hi BB! Thanks so much for your feedback on the macro! I do wish I was in your corner of the world right now! Imagine here it is 13 degrees F, with a wind chill of 7 below zero and snow! Enjoy the heat…if you can!


    • Hi Tina! Thanks for your kind words on the shot/ So glad it gave you the faintest hint of spring! We just came in from a very cold walk. -23 degrees windchill! Is it spring yet?


  4. Patti, I still don’t know how I missed this post! I love it, because you got a lot of DOF! I also have to separate my Lilies from the Amaryllises! I have two which were places under Lilies, and now I know they are Amaryllis.


    • It stands for “Depth Of Field” When DOF is shallow, it’s because you used a large aperture like f/2.8 and you get lots of bokeh.
      When it’s “lots” of DOF, it means that the image has the depth because you used a smaller aperture of f/16 or more. For getting lots of detail, lots of DOF is desirable because you see more detail. When you want more mood, you “open up” the lens to get more bokeh. When you want less bokeh and more detail you “stop down” the lens, which means you make the aperture smaller (f/16 or more), and then you need a tripod or a higher ISO.

      This is not easy to understand with a camera phone because the lenses are smaller and “bokeh” is nearly impossible. However, I recently got the new iPhone 6s and I’m really happy shooting my plants with it because sometimes I need a lot of DOF for details.


  5. The numbering system for apertures always seems counter-intuitive: smaller number = bigger opening and visa versa, but I’m getting the hang of it! Thanks again for taking the time to explain!


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