WPC: An Alphabet Soup of Languages

All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height.–Casey Stengel

I love studying other languages.  They are windows into other cultures, other ways of thinking and seeing the world.  Although I’ve studied a variety of languages, I don’t consider myself fluent yet in any of them.  That’s one of many goals, in fact!  Also, given that I’m a writer, I’m attracted to words that are incorporated into art and appear in everyday life.  So for this week’s photo challenge, here’s a sampling of a few images that incorporate written messages:

I love how the artist Philip Sugden incorporates Chinese into his pen and ink drawings Pages from the Manual on Dismantling God:

Art Prize 2015.

Art Prize Prize Entry 2015. Fountain Street Church.  Shot with a Canon 70D.

You know you’re in the Netherlands when you see a herring truck at the beach.

Herring Truck at Zandvoort Beach, The Netherlands

Herring Truck at Zandvoort Beach, The Netherlands.  Shot with a Nikon Coolpix.

It’s so sad when summer’s over.  We took this shot in front of an ice cream shop near Holland State Park in Michigan.

Summer's Over. Shot in Holland, Michigan with a Canon 70D

Summer’s Over. Shot in Holland, Michigan with a Canon 70D.  Topaz Effects Oil Paint Filter

I was intrigued by this declaration of love in French on the street in Chicago.  It translates into–I am completely crazy about you.

Je Suis Completement Fou De Toi. On the Street in Chicago.

Je Suis Completement Fou De Toi. (I am crazy about you.) On the Street in Chicago.

And who can resist the playful camp of Roy Lichtenstein’s work, “Oh…Alright…”

Oh, Alright. Art Institute of Chicago.

Oh, Alright. Roy Lichtenstein.  Art Institute of Chicago.

I hope you all have a great week!  And stay warm if you’re in the part of the world that’s in middle of a deep freeze.  Right now in Chicago it feels like -22 degrees F.

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  1. Hi Luanne. You are lucky she’s there and not here! It took us a lot longer to drive to GR this afternoon and there were a lot of accidents on the roads. So glad you liked the photos too. Hope you enjoy your visit with your mom.


  2. Hi Jean. It was so disappointing. I’ll just have to be first in line next summer. 🙂 Hope you have a good week, Jean. Thanks for your thoughts! Are the Irish as crazy about ice cream as Americans? I suspect this is a national obsession….


  3. The ice cream sign really cracked me up Patti, but I absolutely love the Herring Truck! You definitely need to do that one in sepia – it would look like something right out of a history book! Loved your take on this challenge – terrific from start to finish.

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  4. Hi Tina. Thanks so much! That ice cream sign made me laugh too, even though I was hoping to get the last scoop that day! And that’s a great idea for the herring truck. It was so Dutch!


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