Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature’s Triumph Despite the Odds

This week, I’m jumping into Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge with a shot taken on a hiking trip last year in the Sonoran Desert.

As we were hiking on a trail in Sedona, I was struck by this vibrant little flower bursting into bloom in the harsh desert environment.   The odds of its survival are staggeringly low, yet its lovely purple blosoms are a testament to the power of the resiliency and hardiness of desert wildlife.

Despite the Odds. Sonoran Desert, Arizona. Shot with a Samsung Galaxy S5.

Despite the Odds. Sonoran Desert, Arizona. Shot with a Samsung Galaxy S5.

I’ve been keeping this image in mind as my husband makes the steady climb back to good health.  It’s also a reminder to us to face hardship and challenges with optimism, resiliency, and determination.

If you’re facing challenges this week, I hope you triumph over them!

A technical note:  This shot taken on my Samsung Galaxy S5 was processed in Photoshop.  I added a Topaz filter to sharpen the details.

This week’s challengers:

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  1. You’ve brought back fond memories of taking my children to the Sonoran Desert, many, many moons ago. Your image is a delight, and does show the act of survival and triumph by nature. And as you point out, the species in that arid climate must fight even harder. Happy Photo Challenge.


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