Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Street Photography on Michigan Ave

For this week’s Sally D’s photography challenge, it’s the challenger’s choice.  So, here’s a recent shot I took on my smart phone on a rainy night in Chicago when I had to run out on a quick errand.  As I turned the corner on Michigan Avenue, the street was awash with color, reflected off the buildings, the lights, and the traffic.  As you can see in the photo, the shot highlights the Japanese apparel store Uniqlo–which is opening all over America.  Its distinctive storefront with multicolored lights caught my eye.  I liked how the lights were reflected on the pavement below.

A Rainy Night on Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL

A Rainy Night on Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL.  Shot with a Samsung Galaxy S5.

A Technical Note:  I brought the image, which was shot with my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone camera, into Photoshop.  After tweaking the exposure and contrast, I added a Nik HDR filter to highlight the storm clouds and the “rainbow” reflected on the pavement.

What do you think of the result?  Have you shopped at a Uniqlo store yet near you?

Wishing you all an inspiring week!

The other challengers this week are:

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    • Hi Jackie. Thanks for your feedback! Yes, the rainbow was definitely a treat after a day of rain. And yes, it’s amazing that my smartphone is more powerful than my old Canon DSL.


  1. Very nice Patti! I love the reflected color in the pavement-it is as if the colors are determined to spread their way into the city streets- I am not sure why your posts did not show up in my feed-so I have tried again and hopefully will be *seeing* you on a more regular basis!

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