WPC: The Dance Rehearsal at the Goodman Theater

Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching.–Satchel Paige
The Dance Rehearsal, Chicago.

The Dance Rehearsal, The Goodman Theater, Chicago.  Shot with a Canon 70D

At Open House Chicago in the fall, we toured the Goodman Theater where two pros were practicing for that evening’s performance.  I love their intense concentration, discipline, and the beauty of their movements.  I admire their seemingly effortless grace and their unabashed confidence–something I totally lack on the dance floor.   But then again, we all move to our own unique rhythm in one grand dance of life.

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  1. Beautiful capture – I’d love to be able to dance like the performers I so admire. I think we appreciate it so much more when we’ve also tried to learn an art and know how very difficult it is!

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  2. Very true, Tina. I think when we realize how long it takes to master dancing or any other art form and how much talent they have our admiration increases! I am in awe of these artists.


  3. Hi Dunelight! Yes, there are many rewards; I highly recommend it. Here’s a tip. If you buy a membership to the Chicago Architecture Foundation, you don’t have to wait on any of the lines at any of the sites. It’s wonderful. Otherwise, people wait a long time to get in. It’s well worth the added expense. (About $75.00 for a year’s membership) Maybe you could stay a bit outside town? It wouldn’t be as expensive. There’s also Air B & B…


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