WPC: A Jubilant Moment

Some days the mere fact of seeing feels like perfect happiness… You feel so rich you long to share your jubilation with others. The memory of such moments is my most precious possession. Maybe because there’ve been so few of them. A hundredth of a second here, a hundredth of a second there– even if you put them end to end they still only add up to one, two, perhaps three seconds snatched from eternity.–Robert Doisneau

Michigan Cornfield Pano. Shot with a Samsung Galaxy S5.

Michigan Cornfield Pano. Shot with a Samsung Galaxy S5.

I string together those rare and precious moments of jubilation in my mind.  They gleam like pearls.  Here’s one jubilant moment taken on a summer day last year.   We had stopped for gasoline, so I got out of the car and saw this breathtaking blue sky over a Michigan cornfield.

My wish for you this week is another jubilant moment.

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  1. Spectacular!!! I search the sky’s view all the time, and it never disappoints! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous shot!

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    • Hi Jackie. This is definitely “big sky” country. Still, the cityscape view is no less thrilling (to me)! I still remember that one glorious day when I ran across the Brooklyn Bridge. Now that was spectacular.

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