WPC: By the Numbers

Life is full of contradictions.  I’m a “word” person who can remember statistics and a string of credit card numbers.  But at the same time, I struggled through high school math.  So, when I saw this week’s photo challenge, I was certain that I wouldn’t find many photos that featured numbers.  To my surprise, there were a few.  Here’s my “numbers” collection, shot over the years in Savannah, Georgia, Holland, Michigan, and San Francisco.  In each image, numbers predominate.  The shots were post-processed in Photoshop and then I applied Topaz or Nik filters.
It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets. ~Voltaire
Savannah Hero, Shot with a Canon 40D.

The Fallen Hero, Savannah, Georgia.  Shot with a Canon 40D.

In numbers warmly pure and sweetly strong.~William Collins
Early Morning Sail, Holland, Michigan. Shot with a Canon 70D.

Early Morning Sail, Holland, Michigan. Shot with a Canon 70D.  Topaz HDR Filter.

Numbers have life; they’re not just symbols on paper.~Shakuntala Devi

San Francisco Doorway # 3636 & 1898. Shot with a Canon 40D

San Francisco Doorway # 3636 & 1893. Shot with a Canon 40D

Are you a “numbers” person or a “word” person?  Are you counting the days until your summer vacation or another special event?

Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. Although I am a word person, I am better with numbers than word people are supposed to be hah. That’s how I have gotten stuck working a lot with numbers at work. I test well in math on standardized tests, but don’t ask me how I did the work. I have no idea and don’t know anything at all about math. LOVE the photos, Patti!

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    • Interesting, Luanne. We are very similar in terms of testing well in math, even though it doesn’t make sense! 🙂 So glad you enjoyed the photos. Have a great weekend. (I’m thinking ahead.)


  2. I am both, a numbers and a word person. I do 90% of my sums in my head. Unless there are more than 6-8 sets of calculations, I do it in my head. It is too tedious to go and get a calculator. Also, I keep all my appointments in my head. Too much of a pain putting them into a smart phone! I input an appointment when I have an appointment at an unfamiliar address. Then, I need the GPS

    I have to start working on Field Marshall Sam Maneckshaw… Trailblazer

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  3. Sums in your head. Impressive. I am losing that ability because I don’t do it often enough. I admire your ability to keep your calendar in your mind too. I am hopeless when it comes to dates and directions and rely on my electronic “friends.” Looking forward to your next trailblazer. I’ve got to work on mine too.


  4. So, do you want to “equalize” your left brain and right brain skills? I guess that’s why I admire architects so much–because they use both parts of the brain. 🙂


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