Weekly Photo Challenge: Looking Up at the Blue Summer Sky

I have had my dream — like others —

and it has come to nothing, so that

I remain now carelessly

with feet planted on the ground

and look up at the sky.”~William Carlos Williams

Any Given Sunday, Warwick, New York. Shot with a Canon 70D.

Any Given Sunday, Warwick, New York. Shot with a Samsung Galaxy S5.

We’re back home after spending two weeks on the road, traveling through New York and New Jersey, visiting dear friends and family.  This rainy Monday is a perfect day to go through my photos and do laundry!

For this week’s challenge, here’s a shot taken one morning on a walk through Warwick, New York.  On a narrow side street, I spotted this little church with the welcoming red door.

These trips are always bittersweet–it’s a joy spending time with people whom you love and with whom you have had a long history, but once again you must endure the separation—saying goodbye and knowing it will be a while until you meet again.   So that explains my melancholy mood today!  But still, we are fortunate to have the means to stay in touch even at a distance.  Goodbye is never truly a goodbye when we can Skype, email and text….and of course blog.

And yes, I’ve missed all of you–my blogging friends  over the past few weeks.  I’m happy to be back here with you.  Enjoy your travels and time off and have a great week, everyone!


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  1. Welcome back, Patti! 🙂

    Being away from friends and family can be sad, but you’re right about how easy it is to stay in touch these days. That wouldn’t have been true 100 years ago. Letters took weeks to arrive!

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    • Thanks so much, Jackie. You’re right, absolutely right. But I guess I’m sad too because our son is moving far away–to the West Coast. He’s been there before, but getting on a plane(s) to see him means that we have to plan each visit, buy tickets, etc.. But I am fortunate that it’s much easier to keep in touch today. Still…. 😦


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