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  1. A truly great gift – and important in these days to reflect upon. All those carvings and paintings, all the artists together working on this as a gift – to friends. Art and craft, works made by hand, are so much more worth than machine made things. Our greatest gift is our time and our skills.
    Thank you for posting.

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    • Yes, Jackie. It was a great find…thanks to our cousins! I’d love to visit it again. The message is all the more powerful given the present strife. Hope all’s well with you! Any travels planned to fun places? Hope so!


  2. Some amazing shots of an amazing place Patti – beautifully captured. BTW, how long have you had the X-T2? I’m loving mine which is still pretty new. What lenses do you use and how do you like them? Haven’t decided which way(s) to go

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    • Hi, Tina. I love my X-T2 and have had it now for about 9 months. I’m using the 15 to 55 mm and the 55 to 200 mm. They both have great clarity and the bokeh of the 200 is great. My next lens is a macro. Maybe the new 80mm?? Still deciding. What lenses do you have?


      • Just the kit lens for now. Deciding on 55-200 vs 50-140 and also maybe the 16-55. Altho redundant it’s a much better lens. Sorry I cheated out on the kit lens 😫 but love the camera.

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      • People rave about the 16 to 55. I debated about getting it too and decided I’d rather save for the macro. So glad you’ve fallen in love with the Fuji. Me too!


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