Sunday Stills: About To Bloom

To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat.~Beverley Nichols

About To Bloom. Magnolias in the Orto Botanico, Rome.

Thanks to Terri for inviting me to join her Sunday Stills challenge.  For this week’s theme (aromas), I selected a shot of a magnolia about to bloom.  In a few days, this tree will be filled with these delicate, fragrant petals.

For me, the wonderful scent of magnolia trees signals the start of summer.  This luscious aroma fills the air for a just a few short days, but lingers in my memory for a very long time.

Magnolias will always remind me of Savannah, Georgia, a place we visited quite often when our son was studying at Savannah College of Art and Design.  After spending a long frigid winter in New Hampshire, we’d fly to Savannah and step out of the airport into the delicious warmth and light of the South.  If we were lucky, we arrived when the magnolias were in bloom.  Our walks through the historic downtown and Forsyth Park were always interrupted by frequent stops to smell or admire them.

My shot this week was taken at another lovely spot–the Orto Botanico in Rome, a wonderful place to have a picnic or simply relax amidst the trees. While we were there, students from the University of Rome listened to a lecture by a botanist and a group of babies ate lunch and played under the trees with their mothers.   I’d love to visit when the magnolias are in full bloom.  Imagine the fragrance!

What’s your favorite aroma?  Baking bread?  Brownies fresh out of the oven?  What does it remind you of?

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  1. Hi, Arati! Great to hear from you. Yes, this was the only magnolia in bloom on the entire tree and the scent was wonderful. I hope all’s well with you!


  2. Oh, I can smell the magnolia all the way over here! Gorgeous shot and I’m sure the one has a powerful fragrance! Thanks for sharing on Sunday Stills! And every time you catch the scent of a magnolia, it automatically sends you back to those favorite places!

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    • I agree, Atreyee. Those babies were in paradise, for sure! You picked a good one–the sea. I love how you can smell the salty brine and the rushing air and water.


  3. I adore magnolias. Here they come out in late spring. The smell reminds me of my mother’s perfume. I’ve always dreamed of having a magnolia tree in my garden one day.


  4. It’s a beauty Patti – we are very spoiled down here with a plethora of these beautiful blooms. This year they were especially prolific. Nice to see them in bloom so far away! Beautifully captured.


    • Hi, Tina. You are in a veritable garden–in your part of the country! How lovely. I can imagine your walks with all these delicious blooms surrounding you. I hope all’s well. I will email you separately about the weekly challenge idea. 🙂


  5. Your picture of the Magnolia flower made me clicked onto your blog. I am planning to make a trip to Savannah, GA around next month. Not sure if I would be able to smell any of the Magnolia flowers. Magnolia is pleasant, but some of my favorite aromas are: smoke wood/fireplace, eucalyptus, and a garden full of plants and flowers!

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    • Hi, Thia. I hope you enjoy your trip to Savannah. It’s a wonderful place! Thanks so much for stopping by here and commenting. I’m so glad you liked the magnolia!


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